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Spring 2024

Celebrating the Beauty of a Harding Experience


Fall 2023

This issue features stories from students who have studied abroad at each of our six international locations. They captured their experiences in beautiful photos and reflected on the valuable lessons learned from cultural exchanges around the world. Other highlights include a Q&A with College of Business Administration alumni from China who spent a few days visiting campus this fall, students who are breaking down language barriers in the new Center for Translation, and Educating for Life — a student organization working to provide educational opportunities for children in Guatemala. 


Spring 2023

A new semester is fully underway, and we are looking forward to warmer temperatures and azalea blooms as signs of spring’s return. In this issue of Harding, Katie Clement highlights the ASI Distinguished Lecture with Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme David Beasley, U.S. Sen. John Boozman, and former Walmart CFO Brett Biggs. In November, they led a series of conversations on the future of global food security. Read more about the events of that day and how students and alumni are loving their neighbors across the globe. In other features, an autobiographical exhibit celebrates John Keller’s 50-year art career, and student writer Hannah Diles sat down with the Emlaw siblings to discuss the bond they have shared in computer science. There also is a great opportunity to share your thoughts in the Inspired Purpose survey. Your dreams and concerns will help Harding cast a vision for its second century.


Fall 2022

As the temperatures begin to drop and the colors change on our beautiful campus, it’s clear that fall is upon us and the holiday season is just around the corner. This issue of Harding looks back on the events of Dr. Williams’ September inauguration as the University’s sixth president in nearly a century. In other features, Katie Clement shares a Q&A with the Williams family, and Rodney Waller remembers the inspirational lives of his mother and mother-in-law and shares his family’s vision of tributes to faithful women in the new Holland-Waller Center. Turn to Connections to read why the Distinguished and Outstanding Alumni were chosen for honor at the Black & Gold Banquet.


Summer 2022

It is an exciting time to be at Harding as President Mike Williams began June 1, and we look forward to a fall full of activities. This issue features 11 of our graduates as they share stories of mentors who invested in them personally, a community that nurtured them and some of the fun along the way. Our online version features videos from each. In other features, travel along with Dr. Jared Dockery on a military history tour of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and New Orleans. The Ganus Building has been razed this summer, and Hailey Pruitt shares its 71-year history along with Mrs. Lomax’s cinnamon rolls recipe. Celebrate along with Harding Place retirement community during their 25th-year anniversary.


Spring 2022

More than 1,200 miles from Harding, the Big Apple was the destination for more than 100 students and faculty the first week of 2022. Travel along with writer Luke Humphrey as he gives highlights of the educational trip along with challenges brought on by the pandemic. In our online exclusive, he tells the origins of the trip dating back to 2008. We promised more last issue following his announcement as president, and that more comes in excerpts from Dr. Mike Williams’ introduction of himself to the student body in chapel Nov. 16. We share an article from telling of the work of 1996 alumnus Dr. Luke Smith as director of El Futuro, providing connection and love for Spanish-speaking immigrants. Also this issue, six students and alumni of the family nurse practitioner program give their stories of compassion and mercy in patient encounters. In Connections, tribute is paid to David Crouch who played a pivotal role in the formation and development of this magazine and Distinguished Professor of Communication Dr. Mike James. Both served this University well.


Fall 2021

“Reunited and it Feels so Good,” the line from Peaches and Herb’s #1 song in 1980, served as the fitting theme for Homecoming 2021. Our cover showcases Bro. Elijah Anthony and Dr. Howard Wright following the naming of the Administration Building in their honor, and we share a sampling of Jeff Montgomery’s and Madison Meyer’s photographs of some of the more than 100 events occurring that balmy fall weekend in the accompanying feature. In other features, Hailey Pruitt, our copy editor, shares the story of the memorial honoring Botham Jean, dedicated on what would have been his 30th birthday as the University celebrated his legacy of love. Dr. Melanie Meeker takes us to Zambia on a journey with the speech-language pathology graduate program as they practice therapy in a very different culture. In Connections read why the Distinguished and Outstanding Alumni were chosen for honor at the Black & Gold Banquet. At press time, we learned of the naming of our sixth president, Dr. Mike Williams, whose announcement is shown in One Moment. More will come on Dr. Williams in our next issue. 


Summer 2021

In this issue, guest writer Dr. Jim Miller tells how Dr. James Huff’s interest in identity and well-being has been recognized with a prestigious $575,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. In other features, Jantzen Haley shares Q&A from three recent Doctor of Physical Therapy graduates on their experiences in the program, Megan Stroud visits with 2018 alumnus Caleb Brackney who transformed a school bus into an incredible tiny home for only $10,000, and we take you to Shake Shack in Marion, Arkansas, to experience Southern and Harding hospitality with 1970 alumna Loretta Cheek Tacker and her family.


Spring 2021

We are thankful COVID-19 numbers have remained low on campus, and life is beginning to look a little more normal as the vaccine rolls out. As our College of Pharmacy prepares to graduate its 10th Doctor of Pharmacy class in May, hear from Dean Jeff Mercer as he tells about the program’s new 3 ½ year curriculum and learn how the College is playing a role in the distribution of the vaccine in Arkansas. In other features, President David Burks responds to a Q&A as Jantzen Haley visits with him about his return to the presidency. We also honor the legacy Dr. Bruce McLarty leaves as our fifth president in his and your words, and Megan Stroud visits with Rhodes finalist Taylor Brown who is affecting social services policy worldwide.


Fall 2020

In this issue, 1970 class president Raymond Kelly and fellow class members take us back to life at Harding 50 years ago and relive memories while admissions counselor and 2006 alumna Jessica Berry gives her perspective on efforts the University has made from her time as a student to the present to increase diversity and inclusion.


Spring 2020

No one could imagine the last half of the spring semester would be without a bustling campus, but the Harding spirit is prevailing even from afar. Hannah Owens provides an overview and timeline of the crisis, and several students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents share their perspectives on a semester apart, but not alone. The issue also tells the story of Beth Hogan James, Dave Hogan and Julie Hogan Garner’s nine-day trip in early February 2020 to Lahore, Pakistan, with their father, Gordon to revisit the places where they spent their youth in the mission field.


Winter 2020

In addition to university news, this issue covers everything from Homecoming events, like the Huckeba Field House Dedication and Patti Cobb’s 100th year, to academic projects like the interior design work for Sparrow’s Promise and opportunities funded by Dr. Clifton L. Ganus’s endowment fund.


Fall 2019

We pay honor and share tributes to our third president and first chancellor emeritus who died in Searcy on Sept. 9. Honoring his trademark style, Dr. Clifton L. Ganus, Jr., family kept his funeral to one hour. Other features include how research by Harding faculty and students played a significant role in putting a man on the moon 50 years ago.


Spring 2019

In this issue, Roy Willmon shares a powerful story of forgiveness after a random act of violence claimed the life of his daughter and Harding student, Carla, in 1995, the Honors College’s L.C. Sears Collegiate Seminar Series shares a goal to encourage public dialogue on important topics, and, from student to teacher to administrator, Dr. Beckie Weaver leaves an indelible mark on this University as she retires.


Winter 2019

Nine current and one former nurse at the renovated Mayo Clinic in Minnesota tell their in their own words why they decided to apply, the challenges and blessings of being on staff, and the skills their Harding experiences allowed them to bring to their jobs. Other features include an inside look at a few new homes built in Legacy Park Residential and Champion magazine’s feature on Buff the Bison, the University’s mascot.


Fall 2018

In summer 2018, 33 students circled the globe with International Programs to study the art and architecture of worship. Other features include highlight on Micah6 Community and the impact they are having on a neighborhood in Pontiac, Michigan, and a spotlight on the University’s new executive chef.


Spring 2018

When the fourth member of the Bush family addressed the Harding community in April, student writer Kaleb Turner went behind the scenes to explore former first lady Laura Bush’s formative experiences. Other features include an up close glance at how 12 areas of the University operate and a story about how two families came together to raise five siblings they adopted.


Winter 2018

Nov. 9, 2017, looked similar to many other days on campus. As the sun rose at 6:36 a.m., the campus slowly came to life. Later as the day grew dim, activity peaked until fading away for a night’s rest. But in every day, there are moments that set the 24 hours apart. Five photographers captured thousands of images we condensed to give you a portion of the moments that constitute one day in this place we call Harding.


Fall 2017

Get a taste and microscopic view of what our new Summer Undergraduate Research in Florence programs looks like. Inside, features include an article by Hayley Waldron about an unexpected turn in her and her husband, Harrison’s, lives and letters written by missions to the places in which they serve.


Spring 2017

The cover of this issue of Harding magazine highlights Chancellor Emeritus Clifton L. Ganus’ remarkable 70 years of service. Inside, features include a visit to the First Ladies Garden where we talk with our three living first ladies, head to Ohio for a visit with Mac Sandlin and family on his journey to his doctorate, hear from seniors who were “freshmen together” with Dr. McLarty in 2013 when he became president, and meet the newest members of the Athletic Hall of Fame.


Winter 2017

Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Information Scott Goode tells the story of the University’s first ever football team to complete an undefeated season, claim an outright conference championship, host an NCAA Division II playoff game, and win an NCAA Division II playoff game. Other features include a behind-the-scenes look at our daily chapel, the history behind Harding magazine now in its 25th year, and the experiences of one alumna and her two children who attended HUF 26 years apart.


Fall 2016

Harding relies heavily on the behind-the-scenes work of its staff. Through their dedication, drive and vision, they allow the University to continue its pursuit of excellence. Five of these exceptional staff members are featured in this issue, beginning on page 20. A new name on the masthead is Jana Rucker. As the University’s newest vice president, she is now heading our communications and marketing efforts. You can read more about her appointment on page 8. Other features include a photo feature on the newly renovated Ganus Activities Complex and a piece written by Dr. Phil Thompson on handling grief.


Spring 2016

Hannah Owens and Jeff Montgomery traveled with the kinesiology and communication sciences and disorders groups going to Tuba City, Arizona, to spend their week on the Navajo reservation. Through words and photos, they share the experiences of the two diverse groups working there beginning on page 18. Other stories include a feature highlighting various campus organizations and piece on the University’s department of public safety.


Winter 2016

International programs administrator Ashel Parsons shares dynamic images capturing the beauty of Iceland, which is as a component of Harding University in England study abroad program. Other features include an in-depth profile of student athletic trainers and two freshman’s perspectives on club week.