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Beauty of the Brotherhood

A Time for Everything: Flourishing Landscapes in Every Season

This Old House

Home Sweet Searcy

Near the Foothills

Creating for the Creator

Coaching Tomorrow's Leaders

Empowering Future Educators

Investing in Advanced Nurses

Mentoring Professional Pharmacists

Arm in Arm: Spirit-led mentorship

Adventure of a lifetime

Translating stories, transforming lives

When the world comes to us: The global impact of American studies

Celebrating 100 years of Harding around the world!

"We should all go back to Harding"

Giving back to Guatemala

It takes a villa

For the least of these

Nov. 2, 2022, the American Studies Institute hosted Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme and former South Carolina Gov.

What stories did Bob Goff inspire you to tell?

Nov. 29, 2022, the American Studies Institute hosted Bob Goff, New York Times bestselling author, as part of its Distinguished Lecture Series.

John Keller: A Retrospective

John Keller celebrated his 50-year art career with a retrospective exhibit in the Stevens Center for Art and Design gallery in November.

Siblings share a calling, careers in computer science

The Emlaw siblings have a common touch point: a love of computer science where logic and creativity merge to solve problems and intricate...

Second Century Vision

“Our goal is to learn how Harding can better serve its entire community and the world with Inspired Purpose.”

The Legacy Relay


Inauguration Celebration

As I begin my tenure as the sixth president of Harding University, may we be led, motivated and molded by Inspired Purpose.”

A tale of two grandmothers

Joella Yurcho Waller grew up in Horatio, Arkansas, the oldest of four siblings and valedictorian of her high school class.

Inspired Conversations with the Williams Family

It's a joy as part of that promise of God that if you invest in other people, you’re the one who walks away blessed.

Lives of Purpose

Homecoming is a special time as many return to campus to reunite with friends and mentors and to remember and share stories in the place where it...

Military history along the Mississippi

Experiencing the strategic importance of the Mississippi River firsthand made history come alive for a group of students, alumni and faculty who...

Prepared for success, poised for service

Building on the past

While it’s difficult for most students today to imagine a morning without a Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit after chapel, 70 years ago,...

25 years in the making

Originally opening its doors in 1997, Harding Place was the vision of the late Dr.

Introducing our next president

“Good morning.

New York state of mind

On Jan. 1, more than 100 Harding students and professors — seven groups spanning multiple programs, departments and colleges — arrived...

El Futuro offers hope and healing to Spanish speakers with mental health needs

Luke Smith (’96) could be sitting in a nice office someplace charging a couple hundred dollars an hour as a child psychiatrist.

Viewing patients through the eyes of Christ

I believe one of the best parts of our program is that we not only provide the appropriate educational opportunities, but we also mentor on how to...

Reunited and it felt so good

Homecoming 2021 brought a spirited fellowship to campus.

Celebrating Botham Jean’s legacy of love

The date selected for the memorial dedicated in honor of the life of Botham Jean was appropriately chosen — it would have been his 30th...

Making a difference

Sometimes I check the weather there to see if it’s raining in Zambia.

Lives of distinction

Homecoming is a special time as many return to campus to reunite with friends and mentors and to remember and share stories in the place where it...