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Jeanie Smith, assistant dean for student affairs and admissions, College of Pharmacy

Christian Health Ministry of White County is a charitable medical clinic in Searcy where volunteer-only staff has provided free medical care since 2001. Originally located in a donated home on East Vine Street, the busy clinic was open for four hours on Sundays offering Harding students and faculty an opportunity to serve people in the community who are uninsured or underinsured. In 2002, more than 2,500 patients received care — a trend that continued for many years.

When the Affordable Care Act was enacted, the clinic hosted representatives from the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services to enroll patients in much needed health insurance. Over the coming months, patients left and entered the traditional health care setting. The clinic decreased hours to accommodate the smaller patient population and is now open only once a month. Located on North Main Street, Christian Health Ministry shares physical space with Mission Machine, a local organization providing assistance to people experiencing homelessness. This has proven to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

I have been blessed to serve on the board of directors for Christian Health Ministry of White County along with Karen Kelley in
the Carr College of Nursing as we provide patient care.

What a gift we are able to give the families we serve.

I love serving at CHM. What a gift we are able to give the families we serve — quality health care along with medications at no cost. It is a blessing to the patients and to the volunteers.

This ministry includes hundreds of pharmacy and nursing students who have provided service over the last 21 years. These health care students have learned how to measure vital signs, take medication history, and provide prescription counseling in a service-oriented setting. Service is at the heart of health care, and Christian Health Ministry provides a unique opportunity to serve.

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