Heard in Chapel

Fall 2022

Oct. 31
“I want to live an inspired life full of peace, hope, love and contentment. I want to live it with every fiber of my being. There is no room for living in mediocrity if we want to live an inspired life of transformation.”
—Dr. Mike Williams ('85), president

Nov. 14
"Discipleship making is not a meeting; it's a waiting."
—Nathanael Obadiah, sophomore Bible and divinity major

Nov. 15
"Embrace the concept of grace — the idea that we can’t do it completely right — and that’s OK. Jesus calls us to be “with”nesses — to be with God, dwelling in him and his word. Embrace the flawed."
—Kent Jobe ('96), lead minister, Downtown Church of Christ, Searcy

Nov. 17
“We all need to operate out of a position of gratitude — being walking prayers of gratitude in the tender normalcies of life. At Harding, I pray we build a culture of gratitude and thankfulness.”
—Dr. Heath Carpenter ('01), associate professor of English

Nov. 28
“In this season of Advent, he has been making all things new and will continue to. Our lives are characterized by seasons of waiting, but we know that Jesus is right here, right now.”
—Malachi Brown, junior Bible and divinity major

Nov. 29
“We protect what we care about. We give to what we want to last. We invest in what we want to see improved.”
—Zach Neal ('01), vice president of student life

Dec. 2
“The answer is hurry up and wait. You have to wait and be patient because you learn discipline in the waiting.”
—Jason Darden ('05), instructor of Bible and ministry

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