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Be the change

The positivity principal

His positivity-led approach to leadership was noticed by his peers, which led to his being named 2023 National Principal of the Year Finalist...

Patient care with the love of Christ

Throughout her life, Sheila Cox Sullivan (’82) has made it her mission to provide care and compassion to people in need and help them...

Computer science for the cure

“Every organization is technology-dependent, but strong leadership is the X-factor that can turn mundane IT into a remarkable strategic...

Flying high

When Tansey received Southwest’s highest employee recognition, the President’s Award, in 2022, this value of community was revealed...

I thought I knew what pharmacists did, and then I became one

Advocating for Arkansans

Many love PBS for its educational and family-friendly programming.

Opening his own business

Through a combination of hard work, daily prayer and dream chasing, Logan Foshee (’19) is now the proud owner of Foshee Equipment Co.,

Where talent meets passion

A self-professed hometown girl — born and raised in Searcy — Dr.

Reflections on a century

Jan. 22, 2022, Eddie Shewmaker (’44) celebrated his 100th birthday, inspiring a walk down memory lane.

Perfect Record


Loving her neighbor

Selflessly donating one of her kidneys in March 2021 has proven to be a valuable lesson for Natalie Nill (’11) in the biblical teaching of...

Gymnastics chief of staff

Lauryn Rydl Turner’s (’96) time at Harding was influential in preparing her for her current role as chief of staff for USA Gymnastics.

Photographic exposure

To celebrate Black History Month in February, Apple commissioned 32 Black photographers from all over the U.S.

Oklahoma’s Secretary of Education

From day one, Ryan Walters (’10) has been influenced by and invested in education.

Theatre with a twist

Jessica Pell Tate (’95) played a role in this production as the ghost of Christmas past as well as a solicitor.

Breaking the cycle

“While working with the young men in New York, I feel like God assigned me my mission, which is to break the cycle of the fatherless...

Legacy teacher

Henderson comes from a strong legacy of teachers.

Small agency, big impact

 In 2014, the Faulkners purchased Robbins-Sanford Mercantile in Searcy’s Main Street district.

Faith in action

For more than two decades, Schecter has worked in education, and for the last 10 years she has served as the principal of the lower grades at The...

Making an impact

Carly Taylor Addison knew from a young age that she wanted to teach music. 

Lifelong learner, teacher and artist

In October, a little more than 50 years after he graduated, Daniel Coston’s (’68) paintings were displayed in the Stevens Art Gallery...

Making numbers matter: Craig Vick

Divine direction: Lynsay Waller Brautnick

Excellence lived

All students, all the time

Keep the lights on

Stories of relief

Tenor one

2018 Alumni Awards

Baking where you are planted

Elizabeth Keese (’14) developed a love for baking at an early age, but she never dreamed of the doors she would walk through as a result.

Leaving a blueprint on the community

The word architect often conjures up images of blueprints, rulers and mechanical pencils, but for Dave Huey (’78), award-winning architect...

Acting authentically

Living history

Life on the road

Pro-bono fide

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